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Matthew Williams was just 23 years old when he was lynched in Salisbury, MD on December 4th, 1931.

Accused of killing his employer, Daniel J. Elliot, over a wage dispute, the truth of what happened will never be known, because Matthew never made it to a trial.

What is known is that a group of close to a hundred men abducted him from Peninsula General Hospital, dragged him to the courthouse, torturing him the entire way, and proceeded to hang him from a tree until he was dead. By this time, the crowd had swollen to almost a thousand. 

Matthew William's body was then dragged behind a truck through the black neighborhoods of Salisbury, dumped in a vacant lot, and set on fire. 

Despite months of investigation, and the questioning of over a hundred eyewitnesses, it was determined that Matthew Williams was murdered by "persons unknown".

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